Preparing for a deep-sea fishing excursion

Are you interested in taking a day to go deep sea fishing? Check out what you need to do to prepare for such a trip.

Preparing the crew

Deep-sea fishing is a wonderful way to spend the day, but it is important that you and the rest of your team are thoroughly prepared for the day's outing — and it really is a team effort. Running a fishing charter is expensive, so getting a sizeable party together is a good way of absorbing cost; it also means there are more people to catch fish. Additionally, to make a deep-sea fishing charter economically sustainable, the captain will most likely want a larger crew.

Remember that the captain is in charge, and clients paying money for the privilege of joining the expedition doesn't automatically give them authority over the vessel.

Safety first; fun second

While deep-sea fishing is often a fun and rewarding way to spend the day, it's important to remember that the safety of every passenger is paramount. While life-saving devices such as life jackets and an inflatable lifeboat are a requirement for some vessels, it's also important to consider other factors, too. For example, ensure that there is plenty of sea-sickness medication as well as fresh drinking water; additionally, ensure that the weather patterns are safe for your course and that everyone has a valid fishing licence.

Remember that dehydration at sea is fairly common. This is mostly because the sunlight can reflect off the water and heat up the boat quite quickly. Additional reasons — especially for deep-sea fishing, where you are often very far away from land — include alcohol consumption. Alcohol with higher proofs will dehydrate you more quickly, meaning you need to be extra careful when indulging in such drinks.

Novice fishermen

Quite often, a fishing charter will have a passenger who is new to deep-sea fishing. If you are new to deep-sea fishing, be sure to ask any question you might have; on the other hand, if you're experienced with the process, try to be helpful and answer any questions that new people have. Remember that even experienced fishermen once had their first time, so be sure to treat new people with patience and respect. It's what you would want if you were in their position.

In any given charter, it is highly advised that, in addition to the captain, there is at least one experienced fisherman who can advise novices. There are many dangers present in the ocean, and having someone who knows what to do in an emergency is of great importance.

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Are you interested in taking a day to go deep sea fishing? Check out what you need to do to prepare for such a trip. Preparing the crew Deep-sea fishi

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