Outdoor Balustrade: Three Metal Materials for a Durable Feature

In the past, balustrades were almost exclusively used as a safety measure for homes. In simple terms, the primary purpose was to provide a barrier so that people would remain safe on balconies, stairs and similar raised platforms. This is still a major function of the feature, but the use has expanded to simple aesthetics. Balustrades are currently used to decorate house entrances, the porch and even decks. Moreover, the feature is ideal for defining and outlining specific spaces. If you are thinking about building an outdoor balustrade, you should consider using metal construction. This will ensure great performance and extended durability. Here are the main materials to consider selecting for your outdoor metal balustrade.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an ideal material for balustrade construction because it combines the properties of steel and chromium. In general, the metal is strong and resilient due to the intrinsic characteristics of steel. In addition, the material is not susceptible to rust like normal steel because it contains chromium. Therefore, this is the perfect choice for outdoor use. If you decide to install stainless steel balusters, you should consider choosing polished surfaces. These are easier to clean and will enhance the appeal of your home. Also, if you live in the coastal environment, you should think about using marine grade stainless steel for the feature. This material will withstand the saline air better and prevent surface tarnishing.

Wrought Iron

If you would like a balustrade with an old-time historical appearance, you should select wrought iron for the project. This is a special alloy of iron and carbon, although the quantity of the latter is extremely low. This metal is favoured because it is extremely tough and strong. Therefore, it is not prone to mechanical distortion or corrosion. Moreover, the material is highly malleable. Therefore, there are intricate designs made from wrought iron. Unfortunately, this material is not widely available, so it might be difficult to obtain your balusters. You can choose alternative but similar materials for your project. Cast iron and mild steel will also perform well, and these are considerably cheaper due to wider availability.


Aluminium is a great material for outdoor balustrades. This metal is not susceptible to accelerated damage by exposure to moisture and other adverse conditions because it has a natural protective layer. Moreover, you can reinforce the protection by using a protective powder coating. These are available in different colours to suit personal preference. If you choose this material, consider lace or wrought balustrades for interesting aesthetics. 

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In the past, balustrades were almost exclusively used as a safety measure for homes. In simple terms, the primary purpose was to provide a barrier so

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