4 Good Reasons To Use Name Badges In Your Company

Although many companies don't use name badges these days, there are many advantages to doing so, and you could give you company a real boost by introducing them.

Here are four good reasons to use name badges in your workplace.

  1. Promoting your brand and corporate identity: Name badges can be used to promote your business brand as well as identify individual members of your staff. Make sure that custom badges show your company logo and colours. If you encourage your staff members to wear their badges at all times whilst at work, you will help to keep your brand front and centre in the minds of visitors to your premises. Name badges should be worn to all corporate events and industry conventions too.  
  2. Enabling staff recognition: If you own a large organisation with many staff members, it can become impossible for your employees to remember everyone's name. This can lead to embarrassing moments during interdepartmental meetings and makes taking minutes very confusing. Name badges also improve staff accountability; if a mistake is made or someone's conduct is less than exemplary, their name is there for everyone to see. Visitors to the company will also appreciate it if they can see who's who. This can make meetings with third party suppliers and other external parties go much more smoothly, helping to build a sense of camaraderie.  
  3. Improving office security: Even the most stringent of office security systems can be bypassed, but by insisting that all your employees wear name badges while they are on your premises, you can make sure that only authorised staff are permitted entry to sensitive areas.  
  4. Improving customer relations: Name badges are invaluable if you run a business with a showroom or shop floor. Customers find it easier to approach shop assistants or sales staff if they can address them by name to ask a question. Being able to call someone by their first name can really help to break down barriers and build a rapport between shoppers and salespeople, possibly even leading to increased sales.  

In conclusion

Name badges certainly have a place in your business world. By asking your staff members to wear custom name badges, you can promote your brand, improve staff morale and efficiency, and potentially even increase your showroom sales figures. For more information on how custom name badges could benefit your business, why not have a chat with a local supplier to see what they could do for you?

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