Helping your staff stay hydrated this summer

When your staff get dehydrated, they can start to lose focus and make poor decisions. That means that for business owners, supplying your staff with fresh drinking water can be an easy way to help them stay focused and improve their productivity. Here are some of the options. 

Buying small bottles of water and keeping in the fridge

You can organise to purchase bulk amounts of bottled, filtered water and keep these bottles in the fridge. This strategy has the lowest upfront cost but highest operational cost as the per litre cost is relatively high. It also generates a lot of waste in terms of single-use water bottles, which is often not desirable on an environmental basis. Finally, it can also be tricky to manage the operational issues of maintaining adequate stores of water on hot days where people may use a lot more water. 

Bulk water cooler

The mid-range option is to use bulk water coolers, where you get very large bottles of filtered water supplied by a dedicated supplier, and this water is run through a standalone cooler unit, and staff can use this to fill their bottles or glasses with cool, filtered water. This generates less waste and you can often have multiple units to make it more convenient for staff. This is a lower cost option on a per litre basis compared to smaller bottles. You still need to manage the on-site stock of water bottles and organise deliveries and also need to pay an upfront cost for the cooling units. 

Inline water filtration and cooling

The cheapest option, on a per litre basis, is to use an inline filter. This only filters and cools the water your staff needs and has an unlimited capacity as your staff can use as much water as they need, and the water will be drawn from the normal water supply. It does have a higher initial cost as you need to install the inline equipment, but if you have a busy workplace, this can rapidly pay off. It also doesn't generate any waste, so it can be the most environmentally friendly option. 

There is a range of options to provide cool, filtered water to your staff depending on your budget, the predicted demand for the water and type of workforce that you have. Why not contact a water filter installation company to work which option might best for your office?

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