Picking the right wedding jewellery

If the wedding gown makes the wedding ceremony, then the jewellery makes the gown. If you're soon planning to walk down the aisle, read on the following simple tips based on advice from reputable jewellers on how to accessorise your gown with the right wedding jewellery.

Do not over-accessorise

The first rule for choosing your wedding jewellery is not to go overboard. It might be tempting to put on all the available bling and baubles; however, you run the risk of allowing your accessories to outdo you. Adopt the 'less is more' mantra and settle for only a few striking pieces instead of accessorising your whole body. Simply, accentuate one part of the body with a large, conspicuous piece, and balance the other body parts with small jewelleries.

Your gown should dictate which metals you choose

Are you spoilt for choice between silver and gold jewellery? The colour of your wedding dress should guide your selection. If you have a white gown, consider going for silver or platinum pieces. If you have an ivory gown, gold jewellery will certainly accentuate this creamy hue. This is also true for champagne gowns. If you've selected a blush gown, then consider rose gold accessories. The existing pink cast in rose gold jewelleries will match with the soft pink of your blush gown.

Consider your gown's neckline

Typically, your gown's neckline determines how your face will be outlined. So, you need to choose jewellery that matches seamlessly with it.

If your gown is characterised by a strapless open neck, consider putting on a necklace with this outfit in order to give an impression of height and attract all eyes to your beautiful smile. Another option is to ignore the necklace and put on striking chandelier earrings in its place. Note that your neckline is the focal point, so you want your most beautiful pieces there. However, don't be afraid to put on a smaller bangle or bracelet to balance everything out.

For a V-neck gown, you can likewise highlight your neckline. Try a pendant or necklace and pair it with either small or hanging earrings.

For halter wedding gowns, focus your decoration on your hair by using combs, vines or pins which may be sleek, bejewelled or floral, based on your desired wishes.

Be yourself

When shopping for your bridal gown jewellery, let all the pieces match your personal style. If you don't love putting on large, chandelier earrings, try studs instead. Do you prefer a lariat necklace? Well, go for it. The idea is to be comfortable and confident in all your jewelleries.

Still confused on what accessories to choose for your wedding dress? Ask your jeweller for their personal recommendation.

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