3 Important Tips When Caring For a Newly Installed Lawn

Having sod or turf grass installed is a great way to get a lush, green lawn without waiting for seed to sprout and grow. You may also struggle to grow new grass from seed if your lawn gets lots of harsh sunlight or you just aren't very talented in gardening. Once you do have new sod or turf grass installed, however, you don't want to think that it doesn't need some special care and treatment. Note a few tips for ensuring that your fresh grass will grow strong and hearty.

Avoid pulling it up

When new turf grass is installed, it needs some time for the roots to grow long and strong and really take hold in the soil underneath it. This is why you need to avoid pulling it up; don't allow children to play on it or let animals out who might start digging up that delicate sod. If you must check the root growth, pull up one small corner of your yard and only that small corner, and only pull it up as far as needed to check the roots.

Avoid mowing

You also want to avoid cutting new lawn right away; it may be recommended that you not do this for at least a week if not longer, no matter how high it grows. This will also ensure you don't pull up those delicate roots with the mower and don't cut it so low that the ground gets scorched and burned and the sod starts to die away.

Watch your watering

You may be advised to overwater the new turf grass after it's installed, but don't walk on the lawn after watering. This tends to compress the sod into the soil so that it cannot get adequate sunlight, and the roots cannot extend underneath the grass blades as needed. Don't think you're somehow helping the water to soak into the soil by walking over the lawn, but use sprinklers for watering or stand at the edge if you use a garden hose, and stay off the lawn while it's wet.

When you do water, be sure to check the areas around driveways, walkways and the like, as these surfaces reflect light and heat that is absorbed into the grass, drying the water you've just given it. The water in these areas may also tend to run off before it gets absorbed, more so than water in the middle of the lawn. Check these areas for dampness by lightly applying the palm of your hand, and spend a bit more time watering the edges of your new turf grass as necessary.

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